About  Frrole

Frrole is a social-data-as-a-service company that mines deep insights from social conversations and makes them available via its data feeds and dashboard applications. The intelligence engine that powers Frrole has the ability to analyze hundreds of millions of universal data sets across semantic, metadata and contextual dimensions in real-time.


Investment Round: April 21, 2014


Key People


Amarpreet Kalkat, Founder

Amarpreet Kalkat is an IIM Kozhikode graduate, he was working at Nokia as a product manager in 2011, when he thought of the travel site. Changing tracks midway, he settled on another venture: Frrole



Nishith Sharma, Co-Founder

Nishith  looks after brand management, strategy and business development. Previously, Nishith has worked with Jaguar, Land Rover and Tata Motors. An IIM kozhikode  graduate, Nishith has a keen interest in tech marketing and design.