IIF typically invests $25k – $200k in early stage mobile and internet technology driven startups.

We look for the following 10 aspects in our investments:


1)  Great Team – Most great companies have to change direction multiple times before they get it right. IIF looks to invest in the type of entrepreneurs who are able navigate their company to success.

2)  Seed Stage – We invest up to $200k at the seed stage and often co-invest with other seed stage funds and angel investors. We always invest post-launch, and usually after some early usage data. In doing so, we basically want to ensure that the team can execute on building the core team and product.

3)  Clarity of Purpose – Entrepreneurs must be able to summarize their idea on the back of a business card.

4)  Large Market – Portfolio companies must be targeting large addressable markets that offer the opportunity to build (ideally) a billion dollar business.

5)  Focus – Very few growth companies are successful without focusing on a single offering with a value that is simple for customers to understand.

6)  Core Technology – Entrepreneurs must build some new core technology or leverage multiple existing technologies in an innovative way to solve hitherto hard to solve problems.

7)  Pain Killers – Offerings must address a deep need in the marketplace with products built with intimate knowledge of target customers.

8)  Think Differently – Companies that take a contrarian view or a novel solution to an existing problem.

9)  Lasting Competitive Advantage – Companies that create a barrier to entry via technology advantage, economies of scale or network effect.

10)  Frugality – Investments must be focused on what is critical with an eye towards profitability.


The best way to reach us is through someone we know.

However, if you really can’t get to us through someone, then feel free to submit an executive summary via email.